When is equality not equality – if it’s for men!

Male Life Expectancy

In the UK life expectancy is:

Men 77.8

Women 81.9

So women are expected to live 3.8 years longer.

Let us imagine the situation were the reverse and that women died on average before men. What would be the response: Continue reading


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Jo Swinson wearing a …

Jo Swinson Wearing an Elegant geogian ..

Jo Swinson Wearing an Elegant Geogian ..

Today I went to hear Jo Swinson speak in Bishopbriggs. She was wearing a black skirt with a georgian style .. Continue reading

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Rebellious Scots to crush

Scots(left) versus SNP(right)

Individual Scots (left) versus SNP Establishment (right)

In the British National Anthem there is or was a line: “Rebellious Scots to crush”. The fact that it was not only inserted but remained there (possibly even to this day) shows how the establishment in Britain and even Scotland saw the indigenous population of Scotland as a problem. A rebellious population who had to be repressed.

And as someone who has spent a great deal of their life in England, it is perhaps more obvious to me that this is far more than just a line in a song. It is a whole culture of the Scottish political establishment. Not only the civil service, but the police, educational establishments and even the press and media. Continue reading


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UKIP Anti Democratic?

There is a points at which, even if you support an organisation, it becomes necessary to speak out because only from such criticism will the organisation realise that its behaviour is unacceptable. Following information I have received since the Euro Elections regarding UKIP in Scotland, I now must speak out.

In a democracy there are certain standards we must expect of any political party, and one is these is that the party itself is democratic. Because if it doesn’t respect democracy within the party, then it will not respect in society in general.

As such as the former energy spokesman for UKIP Scotland, I feel compelled to express my concerns regarding UKIP as I am increasingly alarmed by the party’s attitude to Scottish democracy. Continue reading


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EU Cookie Directive

I was just about to read an article about the EU this morning, when up popped another totally pathetic “do you want to agree to the EU Cookie directive – or not read this article”.

And this is why people hate the EU. It was an entirely pointless directive – each and every website we visit now has this pathetic question – one which if it concerned anyone they can easily turn off cookies.

But no – the EU can’t leave it up to users to decide themselves whether to turn on or off cookies using their own browser – instead the EU has to decide for them that we all “want” to have out time wasted by yet another EU waste of time.

The reality is that this cookie directive has done absolutely nothing to protect anyone – except the jobs of a few eurocrats – who no doubt will be dreaming up the next grandiose plan to justify their own existence and waste everyone’s else’s time.

Down with the EU. Down with the Eurocracy, long live freedom!

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A new Scottish Right of Centre party – on hold

At the time I suggested: A new Scottish right of centre party? in February, UKIP were languishing in the polls, the Scottish party had just been stabbed in the back by UKIP in England and it looked almost impossible that UKIP would get an an MEP. Likewise, the Tories were at the end of a very long run of appalling election results.

The diagnosis was simple: “parties of the right never do well unless they are nationalistic – and in Scotland that means being run from Scotland”. Continue reading

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Analysis of Scottish Voting

The number of votes cast for each party and the individual candidates are:

Party Votes Percentage
LABOUR PARTY, 348,219 (25.9%)
CONSERVATIVE PARTY, 231,330 (17.2%)
SCOTTISH GREEN PARTY, 108,305 (8.0%)
LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, 95,319 (7.1%)
BRITAIN FIRST, 13,639 (1.0%)
NO2EU, 6,418 (0.5%)
Rejected papers 2,184 (0.2%)
Total votes cast 1,345,667
Electorate 4,016,735
Turnout 33.5%

Comparing this with my Latest Poll: Scottish UKIP level pegging Toires on the 18th May and Detailed Vote Analysis (20th May) I was expecting the following: Continue reading


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The end of the policy era

An overview of the political process from Climategate to present.

An overview of the political process from Climategate to present. To quote myself: “even if you kick the political system between the legs, because like the proverbial dinosaur, the nerve impulse takes time to travel all that way up to the small brain at the top, it will still take many years for them to respond.”

I was reading the comedy piece in the Guardian on the UKIP elections:

Forget Ukip and these staggeringly irrelevant European elections

Continue reading

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UKIP: The revolution is upon us.

Janice Atkinson of UKIP explaining the finer points of UKIP immigration policy to a #racist #bigot

Janice Atkinson of UKIP explaining the finer points of UKIP immigration policy to a one of the loud mouthed #racist #bigots

Back in January I began realising that society was going through a massive social change as a result of social media. It started with the realisation that the mainstream on climate was no longer the “mainstream” media, but in reality the “mainstream” was the blogosphere. (Climate bloggers: is CNM killing the Mainstream Media?)

Slowly, I began to realise that the change in power I was seeing between blogs and social media and the old “dinosaur press” as I began calling them (as they seemed doomed), was also being mirrored in other aspects of life. One was academia, (The end of the UK university?), but by far the bigger and faster changes (as it now appears) has been the political landscape of Britain which was reflected in my move to a bew blog: Scottish Independent People. I foresaw a massive change in politics in the UK. Continue reading

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SNP liars who hate the Scots electorate!

At any political meeting recently, SNP, SSP: the same word has repeatedly come up “UKIP”. I didn’t understand why until yesterday’s Glasgow Herald

Seven out of ten Scots ‘back Ukip policy on immigration’

– and the hate filled political twits that rule Scotland told us these 70% of Scots were those the political class in Scotland hate the most.

They hate 70% of all the electorate – and worse they lied to that 70% telling them they were a disgusting minority instead of the righteous majority.

UKIP have given us the right to have a sensible discussion about immigration without being called racists by these #racist #bigots (the ones who call everyone else racists on twitter).

And, the only racism I’ve seen in Scottish politics are those mainly I have to say it in the SNP who are manufacturing race as an issue to attack their political opponents in UKIP.

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