In the 1690s the climate was colder and wetter. This had profound effects on Scotland because historians tell us that up to a quarter of the population died. There were literally dead lying about the streets and so it is little wonder that within 20 years the economic and population of a colder wetter climate forced Scots to union with England.

I was recently watching TV and came across a program about the Salem witches. Apparently the symptoms of the victims in 16901 were exactly what would be expected from Ergot fungus poisoning of wheat. A fungus that thrives in wetter conditions. And when they looked, they found that the majority of witch executions occurred in areas growing Rye. Which put together with the known colder wetter conditions in Scotland, suggests that Ergot fungus poisoning was possibly responsible for Witch persecutions in Scotland and possibly many deaths were directly related to it.

But it seems the madness persists. Because in a country prone to the ravages of cold and wet – what are the politicians the world leaders in? Global warming alarmism! Yes! They concern themselves that the climate might get warmer – and presumably drier.

And this is the madness of the Scottish political class. Not a single one of them voted against the EU enforced “global warming” legislation. None of them have publicly acknowledged that all the forecasts were wrong and the climate has not warmed in more than 17 years and none of the Scottish press have done the job of a democratic media and made these facts known to the Scottish public.

In other words, we are all living in a make believe land in Scotland. Science – such as the science that tells us it is not currently warming and the so called “scientists” who predicted warming are nothing of the sort – is ignored in the dolally land of Scotland.

It is as if the whole of Scotland is even now suffering Ergot poisoning and afraid of evil demons and goblins. The reality, is that the demons and goblins are not from some far off place, they are instead the uneducated zealots who believe in some Nazi style Scottish master race, and no doubt if they got their way, they would create some Nazi style glorious Scotland. The only thing stopping them, is that unlike Germany which had the engineering skills to put their political hatred into action, in Scotland the political dogma is anti-industry and engineering and these hateful zealots wanting a Scottish fatherland will do nothing but bring economic ruin for us all.

Let’s put it this way – I want be putting my own money in any Scottish currency!


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