I’ve yet to hear Coburn say anything of consequence

Looking for something interesting to read I thought I would catch up with UKIP’s meteoric rise to stardom after the MEP election. There was virtually nothing and almost the only recent thing about UKIP in Scotland was this letter (in response to another):

Sunday 8 June 2014

I’ve yet to hear David Coburn (Scotland’s first Ukip MEP) say anything of consequence. I wonder how many of his voters realise he lives in London? Properties in his street change hands for £4 million. His election was an alarming outcome.

Jane Bullock





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4 responses to “I’ve yet to hear Coburn say anything of consequence

  1. M Tucker

    Well David Coburn has done more in a few weeks for UKIP in Scotland than Lord Monckton ever did when circumnavigating the globe for two years.


  2. I thought you said that things would change when Coburn got elected?

    I thought you said you would be so busy on the No campaign that you wouldn’t have time for the AGM.

    The evidence from the media is that neither UKIP in Scotland nor Coburn are doing anything.

    There is no excuse for not holding the AGM.


  3. M Tucker

    Yes things are too busy to hold an AGM until after the separation vote

    Firstly all the MEPS including Coburn have had to be in Brussels over the last two weeks and for the next two weeks. Some of this has been the business of setting up a new grouping in the EU parliament which secures funding which pays of the MEP office and staff. Now the that the group has been formed (they formally meet on the 24th June) Coburn now knows what his budget is and can now proceed with setting up the correct support structure here.

    We are going to be busy with the NO Campaign that is being worked on at the moment.


  4. The only reason I finally voted UKIP is because I thought UKIP might be so obnoxious to Salmond that Scottish politics would become interesting.

    The first month after the UK election has already gone and there’s been almost nothing since the first week.

    I’ll set the snooze for … another month?


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