When is equality not equality – if it’s for men!

Male Life Expectancy

In the UK life expectancy is:

Men 77.8

Women 81.9

So women are expected to live 3.8 years longer.

Let us imagine the situation were the reverse and that women died on average before men. What would be the response:

  1. It would be blamed on the male dominated society and men would be responsible
  2. Women would demand AND GET enhanced health care to bring equity of life expectancy
  3. And … women would demand and get earlier retirement, and/or lower pension contributions etc. etc.

So what happens when men die earlier on average?

  (Look in the circle above for all the concern society pays to this men’s issue)

The inequitable treatment of men in the legal system

This says it all! Here we have a website set up for women in prison. And it says: “Women represent around 5% of the overall prison population in the the UK.” So, 95% of prisoners don’t matter because they are men! Let us suppose, that as a society we incarcerated far more women than men. What then would be the response of all the feminist activists:

95%  – &*$5$” *&G%*^ F$%^0 ^%$ 7££”!!!

So what is the solution? If the roles were reversed who can doubt the feminists would argue that the law itself was inequitable and that the law should be modified to:

  1. reduce the number of women
  2. bring comparable treatment (a euphemism for incarcerating more men!)

Young Male Suicide 3x women

In all the indicators of an unequal society, by far the most obvious indicator that men have a worse time in society than women is the relative suicide rate with men having around 3x the rate of women. The number of male suicides over the age of 15 in England and Wales from 2001 to 2011 totalled 38,621. The number of women in the same period totalled 12,780.

And in this female dominated society where men die earlier, more go to jails and more commit suicide … what is the solution … a female /PC solution of

  • First ignore the problem – because as a men’s issue it’s not important
  • Second tell men that the problem is because they are men.
  • Finally to propose a solution … that men should be more like women.
  • Then to get angry with men for their “selfish behaviour”, because if men didn’t insist on being treated like men then all this maleness nonsense wouldn’t be a problem.

Sexist Solutions

One of the biggest problems dealing with men, is that whereas women appear to be comfortable to have themselves portrayed as “victims” – which allows the feminist to present women as victims of men. Men in contrast in general wish to be seen as victors. So, typical solutions that work for women such as “women’s refuges” and offering support and “bonding”, can have precisely the opposite effect on men, because men who are classed as “victims” lose self-esteem making suicidal behaviour more likely.

The same is true of health care. Going to the doctor with a bone sticking out from gaping wound after a rugby match, climbing or similar male pursuits is a sign of macho-ness. Going to the doctor because “I don’t feel well” is not.

Likewise, the social and particularly the educational backgrounds that tend to engender crime amongst young men, also portray these men as “victims” something that may actually encourage criminal behaviour where such men can see themselves as “victors”.

This I believe is not only largely responsible for the inequitable treatment of men in modern society – it is also the reason why men don’t make a fuss, because “real men don’t complain – because real men are never victims”.

To end: a classic example from the BBC

A while ago, I was unfortunate enough to turn on the BBC to hear … Woman’s hour! So, let’s first ask a simple question of all these feminists … what would your response be if the BBC were sexist toward men and had a “Men’s hour“!

So, what were they dealing with? Women suicides amongst women prisoners. Every suicide is a tragedy, but I think the number of people that fitted within the 5% of the prison population who are women, and the much lower number of women proportionately who commit suicide was so appalling biased that only the BBC could have displayed such overt sexism.

And where was the BBC program examining the disproportionate number of men in prison or the disproportionate number of male suicides, or the inequitable health care and social treatment causing (as they would say) men to die earlier.

But the real truth – is that men don’t want the BBC or any of other or these PC nutters taking our side. All we want, is to be treated like men, to be respected as men, to not have these sexist feminists attacking us constantly under the pretence of equality  for what? For being men and proud of it!


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