EU Cookie Directive

I was just about to read an article about the EU this morning, when up popped another totally pathetic “do you want to agree to the EU Cookie directive – or not read this article”.

And this is why people hate the EU. It was an entirely pointless directive – each and every website we visit now has this pathetic question – one which if it concerned anyone they can easily turn off cookies.

But no – the EU can’t leave it up to users to decide themselves whether to turn on or off cookies using their own browser – instead the EU has to decide for them that we all “want” to have out time wasted by yet another EU waste of time.

The reality is that this cookie directive has done absolutely nothing to protect anyone – except the jobs of a few eurocrats – who no doubt will be dreaming up the next grandiose plan to justify their own existence and waste everyone’s else’s time.

Down with the EU. Down with the Eurocracy, long live freedom!


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