SNP liars who hate the Scots electorate!

At any political meeting recently, SNP, SSP: the same word has repeatedly come up “UKIP”. I didn’t understand why until yesterday’s Glasgow Herald

Seven out of ten Scots ‘back Ukip policy on immigration’

– and the hate filled political twits that rule Scotland told us these 70% of Scots were those the political class in Scotland hate the most.

They hate 70% of all the electorate – and worse they lied to that 70% telling them they were a disgusting minority instead of the righteous majority.

UKIP have given us the right to have a sensible discussion about immigration without being called racists by these #racist #bigots (the ones who call everyone else racists on twitter).

And, the only racism I’ve seen in Scottish politics are those mainly I have to say it in the SNP who are manufacturing race as an issue to attack their political opponents in UKIP.


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