UKIP winning the twitter wars

For no reason at all to do with politics, I needed a hashtag with a reasonable number of tweets to test out a feature. Not sure if it were “#lab” or “#labour” or if “#Labour”, and likewise for #Tory, #Con, #Conservative, I picked #UKIP and #SNP.

However, it was soon very noticeable that #UKIP is a very active hashtag with about one post every few seconds, whereas #SNP is about the same every few minutes.

Obviously that is not a fair comparison as the SNP doesn’t stand throughout the UK. However, as I constantly found myself unable to read #UKIP twits as they rolled down the screen before I had time to read, I wondered whether #labour or #tory could be anywhere near as busy.


Some lady called “@Suzy Stride” is still at the top of the #tory list 6minutes after posting. #labour are better with around 6 twits in the time since the last Tory, but #UKIP are miles ahead with 6 twits in the last minunte.

As for #snp … the last twit was 14minutes ago.

There are now 5 #UKIP twits showing “now” (within 15 secs.) It’s now 9minutes since a #tory twit, #snp is 16minutes and labour have 6 in last 4minutes.

#twit (yes it’s a joke)


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