Latest Poll: Tory win

This is a very tentative result because the relevant data has been removed and I’m relying on a commenter. However they say that before the Daily Record table was removed, it showed:

LD 6.1%, UKIP 10.4%, Lab 26.4%, Con 13.0%, SNP 37.2%, Grn 6.1%, Rest 1.0% [the eclectic party order is Survation’s!]

If that is correct, the voting from high to low is:

SNP 37.2%
Lab 26.4%
Con 13.0%
UKIP 10.4%
LD 6.1%
Grn 6.1%
Rest 1.0% [the eclectic party order is Survation’s!]

Assuming the figures are right, SNP have jumped up away from Labour securing 3 for SNP to the 2 labour, but the main news is that the UKIP rise we saw from January has come to an end and the gap has even widened making it difficult for UKIP to capture the MEP from the Tories.

So best current estimate of the result is:

SNP: 3
Lab: 2
Con: 1
LD: 0
Green: 0


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2 responses to “Latest Poll: Tory win

  1. neilfutureboy

    Its a rise in the Tory vote rather than a fall in UKIP’s – the result, aTory seat, is the same but the inferences not quite the same.

    Also, of course, an enormous pinch of salt because all these (& previous ones I have been happier with) are well within polls 3% margins of error.

    However, with recent overall polls showing the Tories matching or ahead of Labour, it seems likely the economic upturn is doing them some good. I’m not upset at this because I think the Tories easier for UKIP to beat than Labour, particulalry if the threat of a Labour overall majority (almost impossible if they get around 30% of the vote) is gone.

    However, most elections are won on “the economy stupid” and while I believe UKIP’s policies, particularly allowing us to have electricity, are an order of magnitude more sensible than even the Tories’, UKIP are not concentrating enough on saying so. You would think, listening to the BBC, that Britain had the fastest growing (major?) economy in the world when, in fact, we are about half the non-EU world average.


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