The search for an EU manfesto – appalling!

  • Tory – My first Impression is to ask: “Is that Ruth thingy their leader or ??? their candidate?” – I guess from newsnight, it must be Ruth
  • Green – I burst out laughing at the picture of a crowd that look like a student union day out or even a shoplifting gang.
  • SNP – search well down the list eventually find something. In it I click on the link for “manifesto” and get “page not found“. (clearly their attention is elsewhere!)

That is all I get by searching for “Scottish european election manifesto”. So now look for specifics parties:

  • Lib Dem – not at all clear what this page is for. The date is “this may”. The election isn’t mentioned and I can only tell its for Scotland by the domain name.
  • Labour – I’ll come back to them. I’m getting 1964 manifesto, Unison, Scottish Conservative and a couple of sites (Political Science Resources & World of Stuart) but nothing looking official Labour
  • UKIP – again nothing comes up.

OK let’s go to their official sites and try to work back:


Go to website: up comes a form with only two options “YES I’ll be voting labour” & “MAYBE, I’m still undecided”. That doesn’t include me, so I can’t click either and I feel quite offended that they would  suggest I have to support them before reading their manifesto – I will not look any further.


I try “” – and get internet consultants. I know “” belongs to me and is blank. Google them and find their site is “”. On the front page of the site I search for “manifesto” – nothing on the page,  look in “get INFORMED”, nothing. I give up.

This is quite appalling!

After a reasonable effort to locate MEP manifestos, I have found three. None were front runners. Those I found were: Tories, Green and perhaps the Lib Dem (but it may be for another election). Of the two front runners I have had obvious & preventable problems getting both. SNP was “page not found” and Labour was not locatable by internet search and they barred me entry to their site. Finally I know from past experience that it’s difficult to find UKIP manifestos.

What can I take from that?

  • That the political elite in Scotland are so incompetent that they really shouldn’t be allowed their own country?
  • That the political elite are intentionally cocking up the election so that the Scots feel they have to be protected in the Union by big brother England?
  • That Europe doesn’t matter at all and I may as well vote UKIP because Europe is just a costly waste of our money?


As I close the Tory manifesto I read: üA stronger economy At home, ürenewed respect Abroad, üreAl chAnge in Europe (the ü are actually appearing on the document as I copy – not the original). So nothing relevant to Scotland – instead “At Home” means home counties, etc.

Greens I read: “For a Just and Welcoming Scotland” and these are the people shouting racist chants at English people just for being part of an anti-EU party. Welcoming is something that is tested when it is not people you like.

Lib Dems: “It is time for something different. It is time for something better.” Mother hood, apple pie and PR spin with clear echos of “things can only get better”. Well last time anyone voted for such a party, we got WMD, and they took us into one of the worst recessions I’ve seen.



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