The election issues UKIP

In order to understand the rise of UKIP and the consequent battle with the Tories, I’ve been reading all the comments I could. And what is this main issue being talked about when UKIP are mentioned? Immigration? No! I had rather forgotten given the tirade of vitriol from the SNP, Glasgow Herald and e.g. at the SSP meeting, but the issue that appears to be attracting people to voting UKIP is … Europe. This comment in the Scotsman illustrates how even for those against the party, it is still identified as the anti-EU party with other issues far less important:

If you’re anti-EU and Scottish, UKIP is still a deeply weird party to vote for – they wanted to abolish the Scottish Parliament entirely and are obsessed with immigration which is really a non-issue in Scotland. (SerenityNow)

If anything, far from being successful with their accusations of “Xenophobia” against UKIP, dispite their rhetoric such as this: Populus super-poll finds Scots reject UKIP, the fall in the SNP vote strongly suggest this tactic is  backfiring.
Is this the oxygen of publicity, a genuine dislike of the bullyboy tactics of government obsessed with independence, or should I be cynical and suggest the SNP so hate the Tories that they would be delighted to see UKIP trance them at the poll?

But whatever the cause, UKIP are now level pegging the Tories, but neither party are liked by the “chatterati” as Facts4u (again in the Scotsman), summed it up:

The youth wing of Scotland’s Tory party cancelled their annual conference, due to be held yesterday, because they had sold only 12 tickets ! !

UKIP had a similar number of supporters attend their rally in Edinburgh on Friday, and they still went ahead ! ! !

Moreover when I searched specifically for anyone speaking out in support of the Scottish Tories, I failed to find anything except this article in the Scotsman which says it all: Next generation nowhere to be found as Scots Tory youth conference is scrapped. So, the reason the Tories aren’t doing well on the internet and are failing to get support is because it just doesn’t have the youth support. The Tory party in Scotland is full of older people who don’t participate in the modern day electioneering on the internet. They do however turn out to vote, but is this enough to save the Tories from another wipeout?

Only the final count will tell.


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