If UKIP win a seat, can Ruth ? remain Tory Leader?

I’m sure Ruth Davidson is a pleasant enough person and she was friendly and pleasant when she was kind enough to reply to my email asking if she had a blog. But when I then found myself looking her up to find out who she was, only to find she was the leader of the Scottish Tories, I realised something was seriously wrong with the Tory leadership in Scotland.

Annabel Goldie – now she was a character. Mcletchie who took a taxi out of office – he was someone I remember well. These are people I remember, but Ruth … mmm what’s her name, is eminently forgettable. The only thing I know about Ruth is that she is a Lesbian.

That in itself says a lot about why she was chosen. I will admit that thankfully, I don’t know about the sexual persuasion of most serious politicians because I don’t care to know. Why should I? So why has this one single fact been so thrust at the electorate that I don’t know anything else about her?

If a politicians does a good job, then who but the worst bigots in the cheap press after a cheap story would mention their sex lives? If they were cheating on a partner, maybe, particularly if they stood for “family values”. But otherwise private lives should be private.

I might once have been a sexist and voted for a woman on principle. Fortunately I could not, because I was too young to vote on such daft ideals when so many gullible well-intentioned adults voted for Thatcher as “a woman”.

But whether you hated Thatcher or loved her, Thatcher was at least someone who could not be ignored. Ruth is. So what is she doing running the Tory party in Scotland? If there is a good reason, I don’t know it.

But now it looks like UKIP in Scotland are in with a serious chance of winning a European seat from the Tories. Yet again the ruling establishment elite in the Tory government in England could well be humiliated by its Scottish regional branch with another “less tories than pandas” kind of headline. Just before the independence referendum!

UKIP could be a one seat wonder. But the long term failure of the Tories to gain anything but a token representation in Scotland is not. Now rather than making progress, Ruth will be the leader who lost their one remaining MEP. Can she live that down? If she had already achieved a lot them possibly, but when I can’t even remember who she is, then I think she will go.

Who will replace her? The only name that springs to mind is Murdo Fraser.


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One response to “If UKIP win a seat, can Ruth ? remain Tory Leader?

  1. neilfutureboy

    Murdo stood against her on his platform of winding up the party and strting a new right of centre party. If he gets it it will be an acknowledgement by the party that they were wrong.

    Other one is Jackson Carlaw who is about the only person in Holyrood to have expressed any doubt that were are suffering from unprecedented heat. Not enough doubt to vote against the world’s most expensive climate Act od course, but something.


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