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UKIP predicted to gain MEP?

There’s been a discussion about my previous post where I quoted a figure of 6% for UKIP in the Euro elections. In the comments it was suggested the figure was now nearer 12 to 18%, this seemed unlikely however I thought I should check this out. The best place seemed to be the blog What Scotland thinks. This shows UKIP with the following levels in recent opinion polls:

Jan 24th: 4%
Mar 21st: 6%
Apr 7th: 7%
Apr 16th: 10%

This does not suggest UKIP will get anywhere near 18% and even 12% would be stretching it. However it does show that the UKIP vote has been rising fairly linearly by about 2% a month. As such these figures suggests the best estimate of the final percentage is around 11-13% in the Euro elections. Continue reading



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Time to divorce our politicians from marriage?

What right has the state got to say who can and can’t get married? The state might have a role in protecting the rights of children and children who might be born as a result of a sexual partnership between a man and a woman and there might be a reason to promote stable relationships between those who may have children. But otherwise, surely the moral legitimisation of sexual relationships is none of the state’s business what so ever?

So why do politicians, rather than religious leaders for example, think that it is their role to condone certain kinds of sexual relations? Our politicians are hardly the most morally upstanding people in society! Continue reading


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Top Scottish Political blogs

I’m been steadily updating my list of Scottish political blogs. I don’t know the quality of them so the title is now misleading. Also, I don’t in anyway endorse these blogs and probably strongly disagree with many. Continue reading


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What the new party would stand for?

I’ve been thinking more about what a Scottish party of the right might stand for and I would welcome your views.

My gut instinct is that Scots would vote for a party generally placed somewhere between Tory and SNP. The other logical place would be the the right of the Tories (where UKIP is perceived to be). But, given that the Tories are English and English politics is to the right of Scottish politics, then I believe the right place to position it would be to the left of the Tories.

So what might be the key dividing issues?

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