Suggestions to improve Scottish UKIP

This is a copy of the suggestions for improvement for UKIP in Scotland. They seem quite reasonable.

logoThe future of UKIP Scotland

It is time for UKIP Scotland to enjoy greater autonomy; to place itself on a more professional footing; to raise substantial funds for campaigning; to recruit new members and to keep in closer touch with existing members; and to establish a regular presence in the news media. We will discuss these proposals with Nigel Farage at a meeting that we shall request if a significant number of UKIP Scotland members support this initiative.

MEP ballot: It will now be necessary to hold a fresh ballot in the second week of March, which we propose to conduct in Scotland. We shall select and approve our own candidates. We shall send ballot papers, with the candidates’ names in alphabetical order, to all members. An impartial third party will count the results.

Manifesto: UKIP Scotland will be responsible for its own manifesto, and will decide policy on all matters that are devolved, but in all fields of policy falling outwith Scotland’s legislative competence we shall agree our manifesto with London.

Council: The Council of UKIP Scotland will consist of a Leader, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chief Fund-Raiser, all of whom will be elected annually by the whole membership, and a paid Regional Organizer appointed by the Council and not eligible for any elected post. Each Branch Chairman or his nominee will have a seat on the Council. All members of the Council will have a vote each. The Chairman or in his absence his nominee will have a casting vote.

The Leader will be responsible for policy and will be UKIP’s chief spokesman in Scotland. He must have the financial means to do the job.

The Chairman or his nominee – normally the Vice-Chairman – will chair the Council and general meetings of UKIP Scotland, will set agendas, and will have a casting vote.

The Secretary will keep the minutes of Council and general meetings and the records of UKIP Scotland.

The Treasurer will maintain party bank accounts and subscription lists. No payment out of the accounts may be made except by the signature of either the Treasurer or the Chief Fund-Raiser, together with at least one other voting member of the Council.

The Chief Fund-Raiser will be responsible for fund-raising. He must have the experience and contacts to do the job.

The Regional Organizer will be responsible for branch formation, member recruitment and day-to-day management, and will be the official nominating officer for all public elections in Scotland in terms of electoral law. No canvassing will be permitted for any position whose holder is elected by the membership.

Candidates: The Council will select and nominate candidates for public elections, and may conduct the selection by election from the whole membership.

Discipline: The Council will be responsible for party discipline in Scotland.

The Constitution: The Council will draw up the Constitution for UKIP Scotland, which must be approved by a two-thirds majority of UKIP members in Scotland and may only be amended by a similar majority of the membership. The Council will prepare briefs for MEPs on Scottish affairs.

Scottish NEC seat: Scotland’s UKIP members will have the right to vote for a Scottish member on UKIP’s National Executive Committee.

Scottish membership subscriptions will be retained in Scotland to assist in developing a membership density no less than in the rest of the United Kingdom.



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