Stirling Party

scanThe invite to the Stirling party was a surprise, as the surprise came earlier. Because I had naively gone to speak to Lord Monckton about climate only to find myself persuaded to stay for “a few hours” to help fill several hundred envelopes with an invite for:

“the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Mr Mike Scott-Hayword, Mr Peter Adams and the 21st Birthday Rally Committee” requesting  “the pleasure of your company” at a:

Grand Rally and Luncheon

IM650D_010133_1at the Albert Halls, Stirling Sunday 23 February 2014.

As I was the only person to have attended the EGM at the Albert Halls (missing the emails cancelling the event), the agenda was intriguing:

  • Welcome by Christopher Monckton
  • The past year: Mike Scott-Hayward
  • Discussion
  • Complimentary Sandwich Lunch supplied by Malcolm Macaskill
  • Where we go from here: Address by Paul Henke
  • Financing the fight for our nation’s freedom: Malcolm Macaskill
  • Ask the Panel: Scott-Hayward, Henke, Macaskill, Adams, Monckton
  • Grand Prize Draw.
  • Rallying-cry by Christopher Monckton.

IM650D_010111_1So this was an event I wanted to attend and this seemed to be the general feeling because although a wet Sunday morning, the event was well attended. This was all the more remarkable as the London appointed Scottish committee had sent out what looked to me like an EU “dictat” telling members not to attend something they clearly expected to be ignored as they also decided to put on a spoiler event in Glasgow.

But the party opened with a cheer at the news that Paul Henke’s “100 year fatwa” had been overturned by a court as illegal just a few days before. And soon Lord Monckton was into his flow with a house  full of applause for the hard work on those like Peter Adams who had given so much of their time to build the party.

The event was thoroughly enjoyable and very positive. But for me the reason I attended was to find out what had really happened to have caused the Scottish EGM to be cancelled by London. I do not wish to wash dirty laundry in public, so all I will say is that I did not think that move was justified at the time and hearing what had happened I am even more convinced that the EGM should have gone ahead.

As Christopher Monckton said: democracy is what distinguishes British politics from that of the EU.

Thank you every one who had a part in organising and attending the party. I had a very enjoyable time and I can not imagine there was a more pleasant and positive political meeting in the UK on that Sunday.



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2 responses to “Stirling Party

  1. rob

    Don’t look much of a party to me…where is the dj? Ooooh that is right there is not one. Does not look like a party to me with poe faced people at the stage! 21st first birthday my back side.


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